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eNNOVEA Brand DONN-IT-ON - Donning Device For Compression Socks

SRP: $29.94
Price: $24.95
UPC: 63589300071
Brand: eNNOVEA
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eNNOVEA Brand DONN-IT-ON - Donning Device For Compression Socks by eNNOVEA in Independent Living.

DONN-IT-ON - Advanced Donning Device by eNNOVEADonn-IT-On Video

If you formerly used or currently use compression garments to relieve symptoms of lower leg fatigue, venous flow problems, venous stasis or other more involved conditions like those associate with diabetes, DONN-IT-ON may be the solution you've been looking for to help you with the difficulties associated with dressing and donning medical grade compression garments. Donning compression garments can require a great deal of strength and coordination. DONN-IT-ON can help and improve compliance. DONN-IT-ON can make it possible for you to use compression garments that have become difficult to wear.

DONN-IT-ON was developed by a team of professionals, and is clinically proven to ease the problem of donning compression garments. Its' patent pending design and exceptional quality make it a great value for those committed to simplifying their lives.

  • Donn tricky compression garments in seconds
  • Easy to grip, ergonomically designed handle
  • Durable, slick material interface to ease process
  • One size fits all - no predonning required
  • Use with both open and closed compression hose
  • Easy to store and pack when traveling
  • Five Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made in America
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