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OralLite Lighted Tongue Depressor

SRP: $29.94
Price: $24.95
UPC: 635893000525
Brand: eNNOVEA
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OralLite Lighted Tongue Depressor by eNNOVEA in E.N.T..

OralLite® provides a superior exam where the doctor has a quicker diagnosis and patient turnaround time and the patient has a more comfortable experience.

On a daily basis, there are approximately 3.8 million inpatient visits and 20 million outpatient visits. In many of these cases, a standard oral cavity exam is performed.

Oral exams have not changed diagnostically in the last century. A wooden tongue depressor with a light source is uncomfortable for patients, especially for the children and elderly. The doctor traditionally has used two hands and is still unable to get an optimal view of the oral cavity, increasing the time of the exam and discomfort of the patient's gag reflex.

With OralLite's patented lighted tongue depressor, the caregiver has a better view of the patient and a free hand. 

  • Single handed operation
  • Quickly identify specific infectious areas with focused light beam
  • Make a high level determination if medical attention is needed
  • Help prevent contamination with available refill wands
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
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