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1 Tsp. Oral Kontrol Syringe with Dosage Korc

SRP: $7.14
Price: $5.95
SKU: AP67900
UPC: 025715679006
Brand: Apothecary
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1 Tsp. Oral Kontrol Syringe with Dosage Korc by Apothecary in Taking Meds.

Ideal for giving liquid medication or vitamins to infacts and toddlers!  The 1 tsp Oral Kontrol Syringe features finger and thumb loops that allow you to pull the plunger out and push it back in with the use of only one hand.  Calibrated in tsp and mL for accurate measurements.  Dosage Korc allows medication to be drawn directly from the bottle with no fuss or mess.

  • Finger and thumb loops
  • Dosage Korc
  • Accurate measurements
  • Calibrated in tsp and mL
  • One-handed medication administration 
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